Thursday, June 01, 2006

Baseball's Next Generation

Tar Heels lefthander and future Royal Andrew Miller

Cole Hamels, Lastings Milledge, Russell Martin, Howie Kendrick, Nick Markakis, Andre Ethier, Kendry Morales…this list represents merely a small sample of baseball’s next generation of talent that have reached the big leagues for the very first time in 2006. Every one of those players is now in a position to continue their evolution as a professional that has taken each on the path from draft pick (or international signee) to top prospect to major league player to maybe, just maybe, big league all-star.

To any baseball fan with even the slightest bit of interest in minor league action and the June amateur draft, the names above have been on the radar for years - now that they've finally made their major league debuts, they are the names that even the most casual baseball fan has heard hyped up as the next big thing over and over again. Those players have all proven themselves enough to warrant a promotion to the bigs. The players featured on this site will be the guys who have yet to prove themselves as big league caliber - they may be top high school athletes, the cream of the college crop, or even the best each professional organization's farm system has to offer.

Coverage will begin with as many of the first hand scouting reports of collegiate and high school prospects that can be posted between now and the first day of the 2006 Rule VI Draft, June 6. After that, the content on this site is anybody's guess - the only thing that is a certainty is that the content will be all baseball, all the time.


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